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how long does it take to get JUR-ASSic that fat by pewbutt how long does it take to get JUR-ASSic that fat :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 527 14 Growing Burden by the-murdellicious Growing Burden :iconthe-murdellicious:the-murdellicious 208 8 Stonemask transformation by gillpanda
Mature content
Stonemask transformation :icongillpanda:gillpanda 225 7
Not So Shy Gal by Merhaps Not So Shy Gal :iconmerhaps:Merhaps 167 4
Holly and Ashley: At The Mall part 2
Holly and Ashley continued their valiant journey across the mall to the promised holy land awaiting them at “Kitchen Buffet”. They were getting close but their big overtaxed and overfed bodies were being pushed to the limit.
“Ughh… I think I’m *pant* starting to cramp… *wheeze* up.” Holly said.
“Lets stop… *gasp* just for a sec.” Ashely responded, immediately bending over to catch her breath, giving everyone a glimpse of her enormously wide shelf of butt fat and custom sized pink panties. Holly leaned her enormous blubbery bottom against the hand railing. Several people held their breath as they waited for the railing to give out under such immense weight, sending this big fat whale of a girl falling over the edge down to the first floor of the mall, but fortunately they were allowed to sigh in relief.
“Hey Ash, are there any *huff*… any sweat stains on my shirt?” Holly asked. The blubbery sweetheart was feel
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weight gain the nurse 01 by kukuru100 weight gain the nurse 01 :iconkukuru100:kukuru100 660 16
Fair Food
Katie wandered through the fair looking for her friends. She loved fairs, the smell, the people, but especially the food. Ever since she was little she went to the fair every night it was open for the food. Deep-fried Snickers, Turkey legs, Jumbo corndogs, Elephant Ears, it was paradise. If the fair was even two more weeks a year Katie would be obese.  Fortunately, for the beauty queen it wasn't. She was a homecoming candidate her senior year of high school and got a lot of attention from the guys her freshman year at college. Dark brown hair flowed down to her shoulders and a beautiful heart-shaped face with two piercing light blue eyes could melt the heart of any lover of beautiful women. She was a shorty at just 5'4" and was a measly one hundred ten pounds. Two perky B-cups were resting under a buttoned-up flannel shirt that was tied at the bottom revealing her slim midriff. She had Daisy Duke jean shorts in honor of the fair, with a belt that said country girl. The shorts
:iconbananasplitrevolt:bananasplitrevolt 615 31
Comfort Eating
Corey couldn't stop staring at the woman in the booth across from him.
She was a magnificent spectacle of a woman.
She was tall, pretty, but those things weren't what made her impressive. No, what made her impressive was the size and shape of her. She was a very fat, very bloated, blond beauty, and she was clad in a near-splitting pink dress that clung tight to each and every extra inch of curvature on her corpulent, fleshy figure, letting everyone see just how out of shape she really was, or rather, how rounded her shape had become through eating and laying  about. She would be a pear-shaped princess were she standing, that much was clear. Her thighs, spread out under the weight of her body, were nearly enough to fill the entirety of the two-person bench seat, and even seated, the massive volume of her pale white legs was evident, the dress being a tad too short to cover the bulk of her monstrously thick, thunderous thighs.
Resting on her lap was her round, bulging belly,
:iconbob123456789123:bob123456789123 245 27
Mature content
Jumbo Jenny :iconqazplmzero:qazplmzero 119 3
Mature content
The Fat Suit (WG) :icongaininggrapes:GainingGrapes 184 10
Mature content
gain gene :iconadamthefa:adamtheFA 79 16
Fair Food 2
As Amber walked up to the ride, the ticket girl behind her grinned wickedly, watching Katie waddle away in the opposite direction. Maybe Amber would fare better, but maybe not. Shanna waited to see if Katie would come out, but the ticket girl told Amber she could probably catch Katie if she hurried.
Amber got in first. She was a petite, short brown haired girl with a cute, gentle face. She had two B-cup breasts and an overall lithe body, with a firm butt that was nice enough for most guys to notice her. She was just 5'2" and 98 pounds. She wore a tight denim stretch skirt, black tights, and a gray three quarter sleeve button-up shirt. As Amber got into the cart she scooched toward one side. "Wait," said the ticket girl, "Hold the ride."
Amber sat there in the cart looking down toward the girl. "You sure you don't want to ride with your guest?" the ticket girl asked sweetly.
"She'll wait here, just in case," said Amber.
"Okay," said the ticket girl unsure.
The ride started and Amber rou
:iconbananasplitrevolt:bananasplitrevolt 320 11
Stephanie was a 17 year old and she weighed 125 lbs. She had black hair and she was beautiful. Stephanie took care of her body very well and made sure she was perfect. Stephanie believed that eating right and exercising she won't be able to gain weight. However, one night Stephanie went to sleep and she had a dream.
???: Stephanie…Stephanie…
Stephanie: Huh where am I?
She found herself in a empty diner and she was in her p.j.s, a green mini short and green tank top.
???: Stephanie come eat.
Stephanie: Who are you?
Stephanie walked around the diner and found a table with a large pizza.
???: I know your hungry.
Stephanie: NO, I'm not. Besides that can make you fat. And I'll lose my figure.
???: Oh Stephanie don't worry just eat up and enjoy yourself. I know you want to. Let yourself go and eat everything you want. Don't worry about dieting and exercising enjoy sitting back and eat.
Stephanie: Well this is a dream. I can't get fat anyway, so I guess. (takes a bite of the pizza)
:iconjettyfire:jettyfire 79 4
BooT Camp
Lizzie Gar troubled teenager, who always caused trouble for everyone. She got expelled by 2 schools and disrespects her parents. She sneaks the middle of the night and comes home extremely late. She was 16 years old and weighed 110 lbs and she had piercing in her lips, ears, nose, and navel. Her clothes would expose her entire body because well she liked it. Her parents can't take it anymore, so they decided to send her to an all girl boot camp.
Lizzie: I can't believe you're sending me away.
Ms. Gar: Now Lizzie we tried everything, but your just to much for us to handle.
Lizzie: Fine but when I come back I'll runaway, so I don't have to see your ugly faces again.
Mr. Gar: Now Lizzie we want you to-
Lizzie: Shut-up dad I don't need you or mom.
Soon the bus for boot camp stopped in front of Lizzie's house. There were 10 girls inside already. Lizzie just got on the bus and sat down in the back of the bus. Soon the bus left to a camping site that was surrounded by a metal fence. Lizzie ha
:iconjettyfire:jettyfire 12 1
Best Friends
Tracy was 18 years old and weighed 117 lbs and Maggie was 18 years old and weighed 560 lbs. They both are best friends ever since they were little. And they both agreed to be best friends forever. Tracy was an athletic type and Maggie was the girl who loved to gain weight type. Maggie had two chins and her chest was huge, being cover by a green tank top. She had one huge flab of stomach hanging over her stretchy jean shorts. Her arms and legs were plumped and were made up of two layers of flab, which were hanging to the sides. When Maggie was in high school she mad a quest to gain weight resulting her to drop out. It didn't matter to Maggie because even though her parents live far away they still support her by giving money to her. Tracy though graduated from high school and was off to an out of state college.
Maggie: You can't leave Tracy, you and I are best friends forever. We need to stick together.
Tracy: Sorry Maggie I have to go to school.
Maggie: School? Who needs school Tracy;
:iconjettyfire:jettyfire 40 1
"Where the hell is that damn carnival anyway?" Christi groused to herself while driving thru yet another rural town. "It figures my freak of a sister would work for some outfit that couldn't follow a schedule to save their lives".  For all her bluster, she was nervously looking forward to the reunion.  It's been a long and trying ten years since she last saw her twin sister, and that last meeting was not exactly a Kodak moment.
Once upon a time they were your average plump and pretty mid-western twins.  They were indistinguishable and inseparable until they got to high school, nobody was quite sure how it began but a bitter rivalry soon drove them apart.  When Christi became an avid bookworm and Debra a party animal, the best explanation their friends could come up with was the old twin curse of wanting to be as radically different from each other as possible.  At graduation, they both filled out their robes quite nicely at about 185 lb
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